Ally Highlight: Coalition for Economic Survival

The allies that KNF has gained in our fight to regulate short-term rentals have been remarkable and are doing such amazing work throughout Los Angeles.

The Coalition for Economic Survival, led by well-known activist Larry Gross is a great example. Larry is working successfully on a number of  issues - his perspective as it relates to short-term rentals is worth sharing.

Below are highlights from a recent newsletter with a lot of great information. We hope you will appreciate it as much as we do!



Will L.A. Implement New Restrictions on AirBnB?

Friday, June 24, 2016

Los Angeles is now closer to implementing new restrictions on short term rentals like Airbnb. The City Planning Commission approved an ordinance that would cap the number of days someone can rent out their space. The max would be 180 days a year under the new rule. This applies only to people renting out their primary residence or a room within their own home. People who want to rent out their vacation home, extra unit, or back house would be limited to just 15 days a year. Hosts would also be required to follow some of the rules that hotels follow. They'd need to register with the city, pay a fee and pay taxes. People living in rent-stabilized housing would not be allowed to rent out their units at all. This ordinance now heads to the City Council for a vote.
Brock Harris, a landlord & Silver Lake realtor

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Evicted: How the 1985 Ellis Act Can be Used to Kick You Out of Your Rent Controlled Apart
By Saul Gonzales - Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Ellis Act was intended to help small mom and pop landlords, who were tired of the pressures of owning apartment buildings, sell their properties without fear of lawsuits from tenants and earn a little profit. 

However, critics of the law say in recent years developers have turned it into a real estate Frankenstein's monster. "The law has been totally corrupted," says LA housing advocate Larry Gross of the Coalition For Economic Survival, "It's being used by big developers who are purchasing for the sole purpose of evicting the tenants and converting those buildings to high price housing."

"We tell tenants who are living in rent controlled units that they literally have a bullseye on their back, says Larry Gross of the Coalition for Economic Survival. "Every tenant who lives in this city who lives in rent control housing is at risk."

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CES Speaks in Favor of Prohibiting AirBnB in LA's Rent Controlled Units at LA Planning Commission Hearing

Coalition for Economic Survival Lead Affordable Housing Organizer Joel Montano testified before the LA Planning Commission in support of a LA Planning Department proposal to regulate short-term rentals including prohibiting AirBnb type companies from operating in all rent control housing. The hearing took place in an overflowing LA City Council Chambers on June 23, 2016.


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