Report Short-Term Rental Abuse

Are you concerned about non-registered apartment, multi-unit or single-family homes, or other nuisance activities caused by short-term rental abuse?  These problems illegally reduce affordable housing, disrupt communities and impact your quality of life and right to quiet enjoyment.  Look below to find the situation that applies to you, and follow the steps to report.


The Home-Sharing Ordinance prohibits any listing of a short-term rental without a valid home-sharing registration number (or pending status registration number). An initial notice of violation will be issued in situations where a listing without a registration number is identified. The non-permitted activity must cease within a specified time or else a citation will be issued, including possible fines.
Hosting platforms will be required to provide information to assist in the enforcement and removal of illegal listings. Additionally, both hosting platforms and hosts will be asked to maintain and provide written logs of all home-sharing activity.
Los Angeles City Planning maintains a 24/7 Complaint Hotline at (213) 267-7788 to report any concerns or complaints.

Hosting Platforms

There is only one hosting platform that has entered into a Platform Agreement with the City of Los Angeles. Please check back here for updates.

Additional Information

For additional information, please contact:
Los Angeles City Planning Home-Sharing Unit:
Department of City Planning - Development Services Center
201 N. Figueroa Street, 5th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 202-5464
24/7 Complaint Hotline: (213) 267-7788
[email protected] (Send questions or concerns via this link) 



If you’re a tenant in a multi-unit property and you observe or experience short term rental abuse, you can fill out this Tenant Complaint Form or report a code violation.

Santa Monica vacation/short term rental complaints should be directed to: 

**Please note that this is for Santa Monica ONLY**
Denise Smith
Administrative Analyst
Code Enforcement Division
City of Santa Monica

For more information on Santa Monica’s homesharing law, please visit