Ask City Council to grant your holiday wish!


Happy holidays! We hope that you have a wonderful and restful season with loved ones. 

Our collective holiday wish this year is for the City of Los Angeles to finally adopt short-term rental regulations. Every day we wait for regulation, more affordable housing is lost and more neighborhoods are being impacted.

In buildings like this one in downtown Los Angeles, homes are being replaced by hotels, neighbors by strangers. 

Send a holiday note to your elected officials today and ask them to grant our wish for short-term rental regulations now! 

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  • Enrique Espinoza
    commented 2019-04-07 22:55:29 -0700
    I honestly feel like where I live with my girlfriend at the apartment it is a Airbnb apartment and believe it or not my car also. And I know my girlfriend knows who the responsible one or the one doing it but is scared to say something or doesn’t want to say anything.