Ellison Was Saved Wednesday

Did you hear about our latest win? Last week, we were proud to share that your hard work helped us accomplish a major victory for the Ellison. But - the fight is far from over. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW more than ever! 
We need your help to ensure city officials enforce their regulations on greedy landlords. We cannot allow rent stabilized homes to become illegal hotels! As you know, the building owners and management of the Ellison have refused to comply with regulations for years. Our community is united to make sure that these landlords follow the rules.
This recent victory is a great first step on a long journey to protect LA from dangerous, illegal hotels. Your immediate support is critical to continue protecting the existing tenants of Ellison, and rent-stabilized housing across the city.
We know our email outreach has had an impact - your voice can make a difference again. Please send an email to city officials by CLICKING HERE NOW
Thank you for your continued support of Keep Neighborhoods First and affordable housing across LA. We will be in touch to provide more ways to protect affordable housing and combat illegal, conversation of homes to hotels and short-term rentals.  

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