Enforceability still a concern

We are waiting with anticipation for the Planning Department report to come out.  But, we remain concerned about a key item—enforceability.

The short-term rentals that are proliferating all over Los Angeles are already illegal.  And KNF has been frustrated at the lack of enforcement from the City.  Staff seems to be pretending to enforce – the common excuse is that there is just not enough evidence—regardless of the fact that stakeholders have followed City instructions and rented units (in rent controlled residentially zoned apartment buildings) and provided pages and pages of proof, including the evidence of short-term rental contracts and receipts.

What about any new ordinance leads us to believe it will be enforced?  We are hopeful, of course. But a good way to help ensure enforceability would be for the new ordinance to require assistance from all of the various platforms.  Most importantly, any new ordinance would only allow primary homes (one per family unit/person) that have been registered with the City to be listed/advertised on any platform.  Without this cooperation from the platforms, any new ordinance will be more of the same.

We hope the city gets the right. For now, we continue to encourage all stakeholders to get involved and have your voice heard.  If you have short-term rentals in your neighborhood, you can report them to us here and let the city know by emailing Jeff Paxton

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