Enforcement still hasn't stopped illegal rental!

I have lived next to a short term rental for 3 years.  My house was nearly broken into by an out of control party guest.  The police are here every couple months, The pot, the music, the ubers, the parties are constant.  It is not the owner's primary residence.  He has never lived there and has an apartment a few miles away.  The only time he is there is if he wants to show off to his friends and have....a party!  I thought this would stop with the new ordinance, but no.  He was denied the permit initially and still rented on Air BNB.  He was given a warning...and still renting on Air BNB.  He was removed from Air BNB...and now he is on VRBO , Homeaway, and The Plum Guide!  I have contacted everyone from the Mayor, the new enforcement, the City Attorney, the Chief of Police, and still he is renting and making over $700 night!  We went to see an attorney to sue for nuisance and were told we are liable for all attorney's fees and the most I would get is $50,000.  However, if he drags us through court I could be out $100,000.  The city needs to shut him down!  The enforcement hotline doesn't even really call him when the music is loud...I still have to call the police and wait 2 hours.  

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