Great turnout at Planning Department Hearing

Wow. What a showing! We asked our KNF supporters to show up to the Planning Department hearing today, and you all listened. Combined with our coalition allies, we turned out more than 300 people and we made sure the City heard us.

All of our speakers did a great job and our messages were delivered. Overall, we told the City that we support the draft ordinance. We shared some concerns about various pieces of the draft, including enforcement, but we encouraged them to keep the draft mostly in tact.

Airbnb, commercial hosts and other platforms also came out big. It is clear, that this is war for them. They do not like the draft ordinance and are fighting against platform accountability and against any type of cap on rental days.

The next several weeks and months are going be important and we will ask, again, that you make your voice heard. It is vital that the City stays committed to this ordinance and adopt regulation that protects our neighborhoods, preserves affordable housing and holds the platforms accountable.

Thank you to everyone that came on Saturday, everyone who wrote letters, and to all of our supporters. 

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