Help Prevent HSO Enforcement Delays

A BIG thank you to Councilman Bonin for your strong leadership passing the Home Sharing Ordinance and protecting our affordable housing and our communities.  Thank you also to Councilman Blumenfield for your steadfast support for the Home Sharing Regulations.  And thanks to everyone who came  to Councilmember Bonin’s Press Conference on Tuesday!

Our coalition had a strong showing to support enforcement of the Home-Sharing Ordinance. Thank you to our partners at Unite Here Local 11, Strategic Actions for a Just Economy, Venice Community Housing, Coalition for Economic Survival, Thai Community Development Center, Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance, Esperanza Community Housing, Crenshaw Subway Coalition, Inquilinos Unidos, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy and the hotel associations for all your hard work.  You can see the photos from the press conference below:

It's supporters like you who made your voices heard by the Mayor and City Council, letting them know that you want them to enforce their ordinance to protect affordable housing. We have spoken to countless residents across the city who are being forced out of their housing because of short-term rentals. Enough is enough!

A recent Los Angeles Times op-ed highlighted residents' growing concerns that our City Council will give in to the Airbnb lobby after taking years to pass the badly needed home sharing ordinance.

While Airbnb continues to push the City to delay the enforcement date for Home Sharing, we urge the Mayor and the Council to be strong and keep true to the November 1st enforcement date.  We must hold the Platforms accountable to the law by removing unregistered hosts from their websites.

Short-term rental platforms can easily submit the required data via spreadsheets while simultaneously building their computerized system. There is no need for the City to delay the enforcement deadline!

The best way to counter the Airbnb lobby is for people, like you, to email and call City Council to demand enforcement. Let’s show the Mayor’s office and City Council that we stand with their decision to enforce their ordinance by contacting them below:

[email protected] 213 473-7001
[email protected] 213 473-7002
[email protected] 213 473-7003
[email protected] 213 473-7004
[email protected] 213 473-7005
[email protected] 213 473-7006
[email protected] 213 473-7007
[email protected] 213 473-7008
[email protected] 213 473-7009
[email protected] 213 473-7010
[email protected] 213 473-7011
[email protected] 213 473-7012
[email protected] 213 473-7013
[email protected] 213 473-7014
[email protected] 213 473-7015
[email protected] 213 978-1028

The Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) committee hearing will be next Tuesday, October 22 at 2:30 pm. In this hearing, the committee will finalize Appendix A implementation guidelines for the home sharing ordinance.

If you would like to attend, the meeting will be held at:

LA City Hall Room 340
200 North Spring Street, LA, CA 90012

REMINDER: The Home Sharing Ordinance took effect and enforcement will begin on November 1.  For additional information, contact [email protected]. You can find the home-sharing registration portal here, along with a video tutorial on how to register and general home-sharing facts.

Thank you for your continued support of our work to keep L.A. neighborhoods first. We encourage you to take action with the information provided to guarantee that affordable housing is protected, and long-term residents are able to stay in their homes.

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