Home Sharing Ordinance Ready for Registration July 1st

Happy Summer!

We are writing with much-awaited news about the next steps for the Home Sharing Ordinance (HSO) and to ask for your help in reporting what’s happening in your neighborhood.

The Los Angeles City Council Planning and Land Use (PLUM) committee finally approved the HSO's implementation and enforcement guidelines. The new City Planning Department registration website will “go live” and will be ready for host registration July 1!

Be sure to mark the date on your calendar – this website is a critical component of implementation and enforcement of the new HSO and will enable the City to better monitor illegal rentals and enforce the ordinance.

Here is where you will find the new HSO portal once it goes live: https://planning.lacity.org. Preliminary information is available now. Once the registration portal goes live, be sure to register and to spread the word.

As we prepare for July 1, there are several applicable guidelines from the HSO that everyone needs to know:

  • The property to be rented must be the host’s primary residence, where they live for more than six months out of the year.
  • You can only have 1 primary residence — if you live in two places, only one can be considered a “primary residence” and hosted for home-sharing/short-term rentals. 
  • Only 1 primary resident (host) is allowed per apartment unit or single family home.
  • Hosts will have 120 days to complete the registration process, at which time the City will begin enforcement.
  • Rent-stabilized primary residences are prohibited from Home-Sharing, including those with temporary exemptions (such as for owner-occupancy).
  • The residence must not be subject either to the City’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO), which applies to most non-single-family rental units constructed before 1978, or to any other affordability provisions (such as an affordable housing covenant).

For any further questions or information, please email [email protected].

With the help of KNF supporters, we will remain vigilant about enforcement, including monitoring and reporting loopholes and violations.  

While the new PLUM registration portal is a critical step in registration and compliance with provisions of the ordinance, we must remain vigilant in our communities. You can help ensure that all short-term rental units are properly registered and that no one is renting out property in a rent-stabilized apartment complex.

Keep Us Informed About What’s Happening in Your Neighborhood

Please report non-compliant properties to Keep Neighborhoods First website database. Reporting illegal short-term rentals will help preserve our housing and support the City to better implement and enforce the HSO.

How many short-term rentals are in my neighborhood?

Zoom in on your neighborhood in the website map & click to see addresses of some of the houses, apartments, and entire apartment buildings that have been converted. Want to report an illegal short term rental in your neighborhood? Fill out this form.

In The News:

“Wild Airbnb Parties Bring Calls for Crackdown”

After an Airbnb house party in Rocklin ended in bullets, homeowners approached the City Council to protest. Families are being endangered because local and state governments are refusing to take action.

A resident and homeowner recently said, “It bothers me that it’s in a residential area not 100 yards from an elementary school where my grandsons go,” adding that sex offenders and drug traffickers could rent the home.

You can read the full article here: Airbnb Party Crackdown

“Airbnb faces outcry from Europe's top tourist cities”

Ten cities ask the European Union to do more to help them regulate the short-term rental company and stop the "touristification" of neighborhoods. In a joint statement issued Thursday, the cities said the short-term rentals advertised on Airbnb's site are harming their housing markets and driving up the cost of rent. The statement was signed by representatives of Amsterdam; Barcelona, Spain; Berlin; Bordeaux, France; Brussels; Krakow, Poland; Munich; Paris; Valencia, and Vienna.

You can read the article here: Europe touristification

What’s Next

We’ve been fighting for strong home sharing regulations – and we’re so close to seeing the HSO become a reality! But we can’t rest – these next few weeks are critical and depend on getting the word out.

We will continue to keep you up to date with what’s happening. Please share these newsletters, with friends, neighbors and family. Remember to add any non-complying properties to our website database (Report a converted building) and let people know about the upcoming July 1st PLUM registration portal! 

Thank you for your ongoing to commitment to preserving our neighborhoods. We look forward to working together in support of the implementation and enforcement of the regulation we have all worked so hard to pass. 

We'll be in touch soon on next steps - and will keep you updated as more news and information becomes available. 

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