KNF Joins Allies in Calling for Smaller Cap and Housing Protection


On Tuesday, March 21, 2017, Keep Neighborhoods First gathered with our allies—affordable housing advocates, hotel employees and community leaders—at Los Angeles City Hall.  We were there to send a clear message—adopt smart regulations that truly protect affordable housing and neighborhood integrity.

We are worried about the 180-day cap on total number of days hosts can rent short-term that is in the current draft of the ordinance being reviewed by the City Council.  We are calling for a 60 day cap—which will allow true home-sharing but also protect housing.

“Regulations must include a cap on the total number of days hosts are permitted to rent short-term.  This cap must be low enough as to not economically incentivize landlords to rent short-term instead of long-term,” explained Becky Dennison, Executive Director of Venice Community Housing Corporation. “The current draft has a cap that is much too high. We believe the right number is 60 days per year—and other cities agree.”


Dennison mentioned caps of 60 days in Santa Monica and Amsterdam; as well as 90-day caps recently implemented in San Francisco, New Orleans and London.  Palm Springs enacted a cap of 32 days. The draft ordinance currently being considered in Los Angeles includes a cap of 180 days, or six months out of the year.

We also expressed strong support for banning any type of short-term rentals in rent-stabilized (RSO) units, arguing that allowing RSO units to be rented short-term will result in significantly more risk for some of our most vulnerable renters than any possible benefit.


We are expecting a firm date for the next hearing, by the City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management Committee, in the next few weeks. 


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