New Report Shows Commercial Short-Term Rental Operators Running Rampant

Last week the Hotel & Lodging Association released a report saying what we already know: commercial short-term rental operators are running rampant in Los Angeles.  Residents of rent-controlled housing units are being forced out of their homes. 

Angelinos who value living in a community where people care about and look out for each other should cringe at the rise of these commercial operators who abuse and game the system to invite strangers into our neighborhoods and then pocket the proceeds.

These commercial landlords are jeopardizing the character and safety of our communities, but, even worse, they are fueling LA’s housing crisis by encouraging landlords to convert affordable and rent-stabilized apartments into hotel rooms, thus decreasing the available housing stock and driving rent prices up. 

This is not home sharing – this is home stealing. This new report shows that what we are experiencing all around the City is real.


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