No Peace in Silverlake

I have had a “fight” here on my street for a year now with a similar rental house. But lucky for me, there has only been one loud fraternity party so far. The City makes it clear that these short term rentals are illegal, yet they don’t do anything about it. I think that the City officials are lying to us. I think the mayor is telling them not to prosecute and not authorizing the prosecution or fining or forcing these people to comply with the law. Why? Because maybe Garcetti thinks that they can make millions in Transient Occupancy Tax.

I have been through a lot. I naively thought that once I reported the problem, that it would be taken care of. I was wrong and the fight continues. The owners of the house did vengeance and intimidation against me and other neighbors here. I cannot believe the lies the couple has told in order to intimidate us to keep quiet about their illegal rental. They are rich, age about 40ish, they own 3 houses worth several million.

I thought that my home would be a great place to be for the rest of my life. My hubby and I have lived here in our Silver Lake home for over 18 years. But our peace has been interrupted in a huge way. I am so upset about it. I feel like my life has been turned upside down. I recently turned 60 yrs.

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