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Happy almost summer! We are writing to update you with the latest news regarding short-term rental issues in LA, including the upcoming LA City Council hearings and how you can stay involved.  

People all across our City are fired up about the invasion of “Vacation Rentals," a newly proposed Los Angeles City Council motion. As always, we will need our supporters to join us at different hearings, and meetings. Your support is crucial to keep neighborhoods for real neighbors. 

We would also like to again thank you for your activism that has helped to preserve the Ellison. We’re counting on your continued support as we look towards the next steps. The city of LA must enforce the rules they established to protect the Ellison. 

Councilmember Bonin Supports Ellison Tenants


In case you missed it, LA Councilmember Mike Bonin highlighted the recent win for the Venice neighborhood in his most recent newsletter – noting how vital your support has been to save the Ellison apartments. He said, “After hearing testimony from neighbors, the West LA Area Planning Commission unanimously denied an appeal that would have allowed the owner of the Ellison Apartments to convert rent-controlled apartments into a hotel.”  

Join us in thanking Councilmember Bonin for taking a stand with neighbors like us across Venice by thanking him on his Facebook page or via his Twitter account – his strong support is helping to keeping neighborhoods first here in LA! 

Save The Date


Mark your calendars for Tuesday, June 18, as the LA City Council PLUM Committee will hold a hearing to discuss short term rentals. Home sharing implementation and administrative guidelines will be on the agenda. We need to be there to support home sharing and also to let the City know about our grave concerns about the newly proposed City Council Motion to potentially allow “non-primary homes” as vacation rentals.
Please save the date for this important meeting and click here to RSVP by sending us an email to let us know you can attend! Details below:
June 18, 2:30 pm
ROOM 320

In the News


People have been asking if the Home Sharing regulations will be implemented in the coastal zone.

We’ve heard from that City that the Coastal Commission does not get to review or approve a citywide ordinance and the Home Sharing ordinance is the law of the land.

For additional background on this topic, the LA Times recently reported on this, noting that LA has failed to ‘properly vet its plans with the California Coastal Commission, which regulates coastal areas across the state.’ By not communicating with the Coastal Commission the city is hurting low- and moderate-income coastal residents.  Additionally, Brian Averill, a tenant of the Ellison, recently told the LA Times, “If L.A. cannot enforce the new rules in Venice, it would be heartbreaking. It’s like getting the rug yanked out from under us.”

Thank you for your continued support of Keep Neighborhoods First and residents across LA. Your emails to city officials are working to protect residential apartments across the city like the Ellison – but the Ellison isn’t the only concern we need to keep an eye out for. 

Tony Butka of City Watch published an article last week called, “Get Ready for Investment-Grade Airbnb.” In it, he details a very scary possibility on the horizon here in LA:

“We Angelenos may have finished the primary residence Airbnb debate when the Council adopted a final Ordinance (which doesn’t go into effect until July 1) but the idea of expanding the Ordinance to ‘non-primary homes’ – read, investment property, year-round Airbnbs – is alive and well. And very quiet.”

We’ll be in touch soon on next steps – and will be sure to keep you updated on what’s to come as more news becomes available.

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