The Cap Issue Remains

As we get closer to the Los Angeles short-term rental ordinance final hearing at City Council, our biggest concern continues to be the cap on rental days being proposed in the current draft. The current cap is set at 180-days, which is too high because it makes it more profitable for landlords to rent housing short-term than it does to rent to a long-term tenant. This situation will only exacerbate an already stressed housing situation in LA.

This story from November details our concern.

Keep Neighborhoods First continues to advocate for a 60-day cap on all short-term rentals.  We have been sharing data and stories with our elected officials, as well as City staff, so that they fully understand the impacts of a higher cap.

A recent poll of Angelenos found that they too support a lower cap. The poll shows clearly that the public does NOT support a 180-day cap and in fact the majority of those polled favor a 30-day cap. 

Keep your eyes open for a call to action, as well as information on the upcoming hearing for the City Council's Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee.

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