Keep Neighborhoods First is a grass roots coalition of neighbors, tenants, and affordable housing advocates, working men and women, and business and hotel owners who have come together to solve the problems created by the proliferation of commercial short term rentals in our neighborhoods.

We are concerned about:

  • The rapid loss of affordable housing
  • Safety and stability of our neighborhoods
  • The diminishing quality of life for Angelenos
  • Homes and apartments turning into hotels
  • Entire neighborhoods becoming tourist zones

KNF has successfully brought together thousands of stakeholders all over Los Angeles and throughout California to create a united voice to protect our communities from the impacts of short-term rentals. Together we have already helped shape the legislative process at City Hall, forcing a real conversation.  We have mobilized speakers, held rallies, marches against bad operators and demanded action. KNF is proud of the role we are playing in developing the regulations at City Hall to ensure real protection in our neighborhoods

However, we know that Airbnb and other short-term rental platforms are prepared to spend millions of dollars to protect their profits in Los Angeles. By growing Keep Neighborhoods First, and continuing to advocate for our communities, we can help influence effective and enforceable regulations that protect our neighborhoods from the negative impacts of illegal short-term rentals.

We do not oppose legitimate home sharing. Rather, we aim to bring together the concerned, ignored, evicted, and deceived community members who are ready to stop commercialized short-term rental abuse. We offer useful information, develop awareness campaigns about short-term rentals, and highlight opportunities to take action.


Our Supporters and Coalition Partners

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    September 13, 2018 CPC Hearing - We need you!

    Please join us on September 13th for the City Planning Commission Hearing!  We will update you with time, location, and other details as soon as the agenda is released.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed a report of a converted home. If entire apartments or buildings or a home in your neighborhood has been converted to a short-term rental, report it here. We will continue to post on our Google map and send the information to the City for investigation and possible enforcement. Call to Action: Send a letter to the City Planning Commission and ask them to pass an ordinance now! ***Please note that different email systems render the below link differently, please edit as needed.*** Click Here to Send Letter to CPC
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    Ask City Council to grant your holiday wish!

    Happy holidays! We hope that you have a wonderful and restful season with loved ones.  Our collective holiday wish this year is for the City of Los Angeles to finally adopt short-term rental regulations. Every day we wait for regulation, more affordable housing is lost and more neighborhoods are being impacted. In buildings like this one in downtown Los Angeles, homes are being replaced by hotels, neighbors by strangers.  Send a holiday note to your elected officials today and ask them to grant our wish for short-term rental regulations now!  News from Around the World In Paris, Airbnb puts automatic rental cap on central offers In London, Airbnb introduces 90-day annual limit for hosts And in Palm Springs, neighborhood activists are moving forward with placing a measure on the ballot to limit short-term rentals: What's next for vacation rentals in Palm Springs? Possibly a special election Airbnb is impacting rent all over the world: 6 cities harmed by AirBnb's brand of gentrification Airbnb is being used to launder money in Russia and beyond Many people—especially the disabled—are being left behind by the sharing economy
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