Report Short-Term Rental Abuse

Are you concerned about noise and other nuisance activities in your neighborhood caused by short-term rental abuse? These problems impact your quality of life and right to quiet enjoyment. Look below to find the situation that applies to you, and follow the steps to report them.

If the property in question is a single-unit dwelling (i.e. only one family or individual lives there):

Contact the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. They specialize in illegal construction, but will also address single-unit dwellings that are being illegally used as short-term rentals. If you live in a residential zone and there is a short-term rental nearby, that rental is probably illegal and should be reported.

If the property in question is a multi-unit dwelling, such as an apartment building or duplex:


 If you’re a tenant in a multi-unit property and you observe or experience short term rental abuse, you can fill out this Tenant Complaint Form or report a code violation.

Santa Monica vacation/short term rental complaints should be directed to: 

**Please note that this is for Santa Monica ONLY**
Denise Smith
Administrative Analyst
Code Enforcement Division
City of Santa Monica

For more information on Santa Monica’s homesharing law, please visit



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