Shortage of Affordable Housing is Dire in L.A., Advocates Say

Advocates for low-income Californians called Wednesday for more homes with below-market rents, releasing a report that says Los Angeles County faces the greatest shortage of affordable housing in the state. Read full article. 

Critics Slam Mayor Lee’s “Sharing Economy” Work Group

The city task force, which was announced with fanfare amidst growing controversies, never met.

Critics say the lack of follow-through on Lee’s part suggests a lack of leadership in confronting the thorny issues presented by some of the so-called ‘sharing economies,’ particularly relating to housing and transportation. Read full article. 

Apartment owners sting short-term renting tenants

Bill Dawson found the keys — in an envelope between the screen door and the front door — and let himself into the Airbnb unit he’d rented.

Inside was a welcome letter and list of recommended restaurants, just like a hotel, he thought.

A note from the host said he should call if he had any problems. Dawson did have a problem, so he called.

‘I’m your landlord,’ he said when the host picked up. ‘I’m the one who signed your lease agreement. Read full article.